Company Overview

PT MNC Investama Tbk (The Company) is a leading investment company in Indonesia with a scope of business that spans Media, Financial Services, Energy and Natural Resources as well as Portfolio Investments.

Established on November 2, 1989 in Surabaya, the Company was initially named PT Bhakti Investments (later changed to PT Bhakti Investama Tbk) and focused primarily on capital market-related activities. The Government, which was at that time pursuing a deregulation policy, provided a number of facilities to boost Indonesia’s capital market.

The Company’s relocation to Jakarta in February 1990 brought greater opportunities to develop the business in line with the evolving capital market. In 1994, the Company expanded the scope of its business to include securities trading and brokerage, investment advisory, investment manager, underwriter, origination and syndication, financial advisory and research services, as well as mergers and acquisitions, followed by the launch of mutual fund products. The trust demonstrated by the customers convinced the Company to list its stocks on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and the Surabaya Stock Exchange (now merged into the Indonesia Stock Exchange) through an Initial Public Offering in 1997.

After becoming a public company, the Company underwent a vast development. To strengthen the Company’s position as one of Indonesia’s leading investment companies, we completed a number of corporate actions, including restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and direct placement. With regard to portfolio investment, the Company’s approach covered both securities and equity investments. For a short-term investments, the Company targeted marketable securities and developed partnerships with strategic investors to pursue its long-term investment agenda of acquisitions of companies with healthy cash flow to sustain long-term growth.

With more diversified products and services, ranging from media, financial services, energy and natural resources to infrastructure, the Company adds greater value for investors, shareholders and other stakeholders. It also makes the Company even more confident about its ability to attract a more diversified investor profile, from pension funds, the banking industry and insurance to fund managers, to invest in the Company.

PT Bhakti Investama Tbk was officially changed to PT MNC Investama Tbk.  The changing of the name was ratified by the General Meeting of Shareholders on 2nd of May 2013 and was approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on the 23rd of August 2013.  The stock code remains unchanged as BHIT. The changing of the name of PT Bhakti Investama Tbk to PT MNC Investama Tbk is expected to enhance the profile of the company and solidify synergies within MNC Group.