Corporate Social Responsibility

1001 Books for Children of Indonesia

MNC Investama as a business entity, believes that corporate social responsibility (CSR) should be considered, addressed and fulfilled as an inherent responsibility in daily life  and activities, by the Company as an institution and management and employees as individuals. The Company believes that CSR fulfillment is a business strategy in the context of business sustainability. Similar to other multinational companies, CSR has become an integral part of the Company’s policies. Implementing social responsibility is a form of obligations fulfillment to all stakeholders as a social investment that will provide reciprocal sustainable benefits in the long term.

MNC Investama strives to spread inspiration through its CSR programs. Fulfillment of corporate social responsibility, is not enough if only done by sheer relief. There should be strong commitment to make it sustainable and purposeful activities.

CSR is important for the Company, both as institution and individual employees. In beneficial perspective, CSR program to employees is how to foster a sense of caring and sensitive to social situations experienced by the surrounding environment. Hence, employees will be more thoughtful and vigorously work as a form of gratitude for various available facilities and happiness. Meanwhile, CSR in institutional perspective is beneficial to the Company’s awareness as an integral part of all stakeholders. Therefore, all policies taken by the Company will strive to provide benefits not only to business partners and investors, but also to all people who are not directly linked to the Company’s business activities.

On November 22, 2013, the Company engaged in a CSR activity as a form of social commitment to the society, which in this particular instance is focused on the area of education and especially for elementary School students. In this CSR program, the Company’s employees are encouraged to donate secon hand books in good condition (1 book minimum per employee), and also to renovate an unused room in Mekar Sari elementary School, Pulo Mas, into a school library.

The objectives of the program are:

To assist deserving schools or other educational institutions to develop and manage a library facility in order to promote the habit of reading and to improve knowledge among students and teachers. To provide school libarary facilities for the benefit of students, which can also be used for activities that foster student creativity such as handicraft, book resume, and talent competition. The program ended up collecting more than twice the original target of 1001 books consisting of education books, exam simulation books, literary books, and books on culture and general knowledge for students in the first grade through the sixth grade.